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May: Our National Science Foundation grant "Hindlimb cortical bone adaptation and locomotion in primates” has been awarded! We'll be recruiting students soon to work on cortical bone adaptations to leaping and hopping in primates, rodents, and marsupials.

January: Undergraduate researcher Emily-Elizabeth Cardenas joined the lab!


January: Our new publication "The effects of phylogeny, body size, and locomotor behavior on the three-dimensional shape of the pelvis in extant carnivorans" has been published in PeerJ

January: Our new publication "Calcaneal elongation and bone strength in leaping galagids" has been published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology


Undergraduate researcher Daniela Cruz joined the lab!

M.S. student Will Byrd joined the lab!

High school student Serin Shin joined the lab!


Undergraduate researcher Jocelyn Morales joined the lab!

Undergraduate lab graduate Ryan Brankovic received an Honorable Mention at the USC Undergraduate Symposium for Scholarly and Creative Work in April 2018 for his project, "Three-dimensional shape and locomotor function of the carnivoran pelvis."

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